One of the services offered by the Obar Group is the operation and maintenance of power plants under the management of the group. Though expert knowledge, technology and human capital, the Obar Group has the potential to fully operate and maintain power plants based on the major policies of the employer. This advantage, along with other capabilities for supplying equipment and providing innovative solutions, supplements the Obar Group’s cycle of activities in the electric power industry.


As the main component of all power networks, power plants must be unerring. Every power plant is responsible for meeting part of the energy needs of a society based on the macro policies of countries. That is why power plant equipment must operate with minimal downtime and be overhauled according to a preset schedule. In fact, power plant repairs are conducted at various intervals in order to prevent the occurrence of unexpected flaws in the system. The Mapna Group has local and efficient technical knowledge of power plant repairs and offers these services from minor repairs to major repairs at the highest level of quality by providing the full cycle of maintenance and support.


In the process of providing servicing to power plants, manufacturing and supplying spare parts is of special importance. With its high capacity in the manufacturing sector, the Obar Group produces the basic components of power plants with the latest standards. Furthermore, other pieces of equipment are imported from foreign partners via major contracts.

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